Local Area

The first settler in Yorktown in 1846, was John York. The road from Indianola to San Antonio, surveyed in 1848, went by way of the York home, and the surveyor, Charles Eckhardt, built a home at the site of Yorktown. York was killed and Eckhardt moved away, but German, Czech and Polish immigrants using the road settled the area, and greetings are often given in those languages today. A famous live oak tree, hundreds of years old, is in front of the Lutheran church.

Today, Yorktown features an historic shopping district, great butterfly and bird watching, and outstanding wild game hunting opportunities. The first Saturday Traders Market brings together vendors the first Saturday of the month from March to December, and the annual Western days celebration features cook-offs, parades, rodeo, live music, carnival and more the third weekend in October.

The Yorktown Historical Museum is housed in two historic buildings, both on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum features many historical exhibits of the area including a hand-operated elevator, a 1900s-era fire wagon, the first area “lawman’s” pistol, Indian arrowheads and an antique doll collection. A gift shop is available.